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Paper baking dish – your unreplaceable attribute in baking

Paper baking molds by TM Good Baking are designed to simplify and optimize the work of confectioners and bakers throughout the country. This tool is absolutely unreplaceable both within a professional bakery and in any kitchen. Anyone who has once used this attribute has definitely mentioned many benefits:


  1. Paper baking molds reduce the baking time and time for preparation of the confectionery;
  2. You don’t need to use oil with paper baking molds;
  3. Can be used as a beautiful packaging;
  4. Molds help to make serving of ready pastry more hygienic and presentable;
  5. Easy to dispose without causing harm to the environment;
  6. The usage of disposable molds helps to shorten the baking time and prevent the ingress of foreign elements into the finished product;
  7. They do not stick and are easily separated from the product itself;
  8. There is no need to wash them after usage;
  9. Does not affect the taste of baked pastry;
  10. They do not deform during baking and retain their shape well.


Disposable Good Baking Paper Molds

TM Good Baking is a Ukrainian manufacturer of various types of paper baking molds. We wanted to create a convenient online store of our products, so that everyone can buy paper baking molds at the lowest price in Ukraine.

The wide range of products includes:

  • paper molds for various confectionery;
  • paper molds for muffins;
  • paper baking pans for bread;
  • paper cake tins;
  • capsules for cupcakes.


The Good Baking online store has a large number of positions presented in the most popular sizes and colors. We always focus on our customers’ demands and add new product variations, according to customer requests and the latest trends in the bakery world.



What makes high-quality paper bakeware? 

We value the trust of our customers and want our bakeware to become a harmonious contribution to the masterpieces of confectionery art you make. That is why we pay attention to quality and production technologies, so that nothing affects the taste of the ready-to-eat product.


All the paper baking molds produced by Good Baking are made of high-quality European raw materials, certified for use within the food industry. All Good Baking products are produced with the help of modern equipment of the “Gurov and company” printing house in Kharkov. The automated production line allows us to produce high-quality products, while reducing the probability of defects.


Each stage of creating a baking mold is additionally controlled by the line operator. We use only natural materials (kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, corrugated paper, parchment) and carefully supervise each of the processes. The finished products of TM Good Baking are produced under the hygienic control in accordance with TU at an enterprise certified according to the international standard (ISO 9001: 2015).

European quality from a Ukrainian manufacturer

TM Good Baking is a manufacturer of disposable baking molds. We offer a Ukrainian product of European quality at the best price from the manufacturer, without any extra charge from mediators. There is a system of discounts and a special wholesale price list for our regular customers.


All products are made from environmentally friendly certified European raw materials. All materials are thoroughly tested, acclimatized and put into production. Molds for baking muffins, cupcakes, pies, bread, panettone are produced on modern automated equipment.


Our team has a goal – so that every baker or confectioner in Ukraine can use high-quality Ukrainian-made bakeware, which will be the same or even better than foreign ones. Our production facilities allow us to produce a large number of products in a short time. We make regular shipments throughout Ukraine every weekday so that our customers can plan their baking schedule and internal production processes. Right now there is a possibility of delivery via delivery service Nova Poshta and self-pickup directly from our office.


We are ready to grow every day!

Being focused on the best, we are in the process of constant development. We want every baker, confectioner and just a baking lover: in Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Dnipro, Poltava, Ivano-Frankivsk or Zaporozhye to have the opportunity to use high-quality molds from a Ukrainian manufacturer.

Our team is always guided by the requests and wishes of our clients. That is why we try to respond to the wishes and preferences of our audience by adding new popular positions, desired colors and suitable sizes. We are confident that our commitment to creating the best bakeware will bring our products and your baked goods to the next level! Thank you for choosing us!